We have been in the industry for over 10 years and have trained hundreds of clients all with different background and goals.
Here is what we have learnt from this is:

Accountability is huge.

Having your sessions locked in with a trainer means you must turn up, if not contact must be made explaining why you cannot make it. This results in the client attending a very high percentage of sessions. As apposed to a large group session where there is little to no accountability.

Consistency is key.
Showing up and getting your session done week after week is how progress is made.

Ideal session length.
We believe a well structured programs includes:
-Warm up
-Cool down/ stretching
Which means 45 to 60 minutes is the ideal duration to complete a strength & conditioning session.

Personal Training can be pricey.
For most the cost of personal training can be too much, especially if you wish to train a few times per week.

This is why we have created our Semi Private Group Sessions which are both affordable and personalised.
At these classes you are not just another number.
You will be one of a maximum of four people in your group!
Meaning you will be always coached under the eye of one of our trainers to insure technique is number one and the exercises prescribed are best for you to reach your goals.

You and your trainer will schedule in up to 3 x 50 minute sessions into your weekly routine that will give you optimal recovery time, taking into consideration your other commitments (sports, work, children, sleeping patterns etc).



Adam is a fully qualified Personal Trainer with over 3 years experience. Currently completing his Bachelor of Sports Science (Human Movement), Adam enjoys creating training sessions that develop the body as a whole, cohesive unit, blending strength and conditioning with skill based movements.

Russ has been working as a Personal Trainer for over 5 years running his own studio.
He now wants to focus on improving his fighting and coaching in martial arts. Spending 2-3 hours a day training in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Russ also enjoys completing regular Strength & Conditioning sessions to complement his martial arts skills.